Amazon FBA autopilot made over $10000/month[Up to 100% Profit]

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You must be tired of hearing YouTube videos saying Amazon FBA quite a lot when it comes to making millions of money online. This blog is a complete guide on “How to earn $10000 and beyond” doing Amazon FBA step by step. So, let’s get started.

First thing first You need to start off with the very basic introduction about What is Amazon FBA.

What is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA, abbreviation for Fulfillment by Amazon, it is a program offered by the world’s biggest e-Commerce platform where they allows the sellers to use their logistic chain to process, keep and ship the products to the customers. The main objective of this program is to minimize the consumption of time that small business’s seller has to face by handling the order fulfillment aspects.

How does Amazon FBA works?

Amazon FBA, works under 4 different processes and altogether makes the business smooth and successful by promoting itself and sharing profit to us who drove customers to it. Those 4 processes are as follows:

  • Product Preparing and Shipping
  • Managing the Inventory
  • Order Processing and Shipment
  • Amazon Prime Benefits

Now lets talk about these point briefly.

You have product ready with you that you are going to sell. You then follow Amazon’s guidelines for Product preparation, labeling and packaging to ensure a smooth process. After you thing you did the preps and shipping to designated Amazon warehouse for fulfilment then you passed the first step.

Secondly they manage that product in their inventory making them ready to dispatch to the customer. They also do replenishments in case of any needed.

Thirdly they process the order and make it way to its customer’s location. Most importantly they care about the returns and other necessary customer service just like they sell their own listed products.

Lastly, the seller(You) will have an exclusive prime program rewarded to your FBA account enabling the customers fast prime-delivery by Amazon.

Thus, this is how the backend of Amazon FBA works. Now its time for you to start making grands out of it. Lets dive into our very important information that made me earn $10000/ month.

How to create an Amazon FBA account?

Its time for you to hop into the business. To create a successful business store on Amazon you have to first become its seller. It is called Seller Central Amazon. Click the link and create your account on Amazon FBA.

  • Visit the Amazon Seller Central WebsiteVisiting Amazon Seller Central.
  • Choose your Selling Plan– Amazon offers either Individual or Professional. The individual plan doesn’t require monthly fees but the Professional acquires one. However, the free account has a charge of per item fees for sales. Select the plan that suits you.
  • Signup or Log In– If it is your very first time visiting Amazon FBA service, then you have to choose signup. Otherwise, you can login to your account.
  • Provide Business Information– Fill up all your business name, address, contact information and tax-related details.
  • Setup Bank Account : Fill up your Bank details, your legal name. This will help you route your profits straight to your account.
  • Choose a Product Category– Have a very deep research on Product and create relevant categories for your store. Also most importantly , you also need to check the product eligibility for the Amazon.
  • Set Up Shipping Settings: Configure your shipping settings by opting for Amazon FBA as your fulfillment method. That makes sure that all the shipping , packing , of the product is ensured by Amazon.
  • The Tax Interview- Amazon has a very strict policies that they conduct an interview for a tax consultation where the interview nay require additional things about business and tax obligation.
  • Verify your identity-Amazon also seek for additional verification documents like ID Cards , phone numbers etc.
  • Read & Accept their Terms & conditions– Familiarize yourself with Amazon’s terms and conditions, and accept them to finalize your account setup.

Making $10,000 per Month with Amazon FBA

So in this guide, I will give you the information of what I actually did for my business and how this will help you to earn $10,000 and beyond. What I basically followed from the very beginning was a proper research and sharp implementation of 7 different things.

  • Niche Selection– Finding a very less competitive but profitable product idea.
  • Product Sourcing– Now you have an idea of the product now you got to get a trusted supplier who can source any quantity of stuffs with lesser price and high quality.
  • Optimized Product Listings– Now in order to generate sales you have to get clicks and visits on you products which is only possible with a good SEO of the product. Use Keyword-rich product, high quality images and a very well and neatly written product description.
  • Marketing and Promotion– As we are working directly with the giant of marketing Amazon, they provide you various tools to promote and monitor your products that helps you boost up your sales like: Sponsored Products, Headline Search Ads and Product Display Ads.
  • Inventory Management and Reinvestment– Now when your business is picking up the pace, You have to take care of your inventory making sure about the stocks availability to avoid stockout. Analyze your sales data on a regular basis monitoring how and when is the sales getting affected. And Finally the most important part, Thinking about the reinvestment of the profit on a very versatile and upscaling product.
  • Reviews and Customer Satisfaction– As you are running a business, Customers are our soul. Taking care of them by providing quality products , sharp and safe delivery. This will encourage customers to leave positive reviews. Moreover, online business relies on good reviews which means that you have to seek positive feedback from the customers that builds trust, ranking and conversion rate of your E-store.


Hence, Amazon FBA offers tremendous opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to build a successful e-Commerce business. By utilizing all these fundamentals ,planting effective strategies and strong commitment, you can pave your way towards generating a passive income of $10,000 per month and beyond. Kick start your Amazon FBA journey today and sky is your limit. Good Luck!

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