AI Tools Made to Make Money in 2024 [No Experience Required*]

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The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming businesses and entire industries. As AI capabilities improve, more and more companies are looking to leverage these advanced technologies to boost productivity, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and most importantly – make more money.

AI Tools - Right Decisions

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore some of the top AI tools that can help you make money in 2024, even if you have no prior experience. From website builders and content creators to customer support bots and generative design – these AI-powered solutions allow anyone to accomplish tasks that previously required specialized skills, training, and manual effort.

So let’s dive in and take a look at 7 game-changing AI tools that can potentially make you rich in the coming years:

1. AI Website Builders – 10Web and Durable

10web- Right DECISIONS
Durable- Right DECISIONS

Creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing website used to be an expensive and time-consuming process that required coding skills and web design expertise. But with AI website builders like 10Web and Durable, anyone can now build stunning websites within minutes.

These tools allow you to simply provide some basic information about your business and preferences, and artificial intelligence will take care of the rest – designing the layout, writing copy, inserting images etc. You can also recreate sites you like or make edits until the generated site matches your vision.

Key Benefits:

  • Requires no coding or design skills
  • Sites created in minutes vs weeks/months
  • Costs a fraction of hiring a web developer
  • Inbuilt SEO for higher search rankings
  • Add ecommerce features easily

This makes AI site builders ideal for creating lead generation sites, online stores, landing pages, portfolios and more. You can build these for your own business or offer web design services to others.


10Web offers a free plan with basic features and paid plans starting at $9/month. Durable has a free trial and paid plans from $12/month.

Availability: Available globally.

2. AI Content Creation – Opus Clip

Opus Clip- Right DECISIONS

Engaging content, especially short viral videos and clips, is critical for audience growth and monetization in today’s digital landscape. But creating quality content at scale requires significant time, effort and resources.

Opus Clip is an AI-powered tool that automates short-form content creation by condensing long videos into compelling snippets using natural language processing.

Key highlights:

  • Automatically creates short clips from long videos
  • Identifies best hooks and highlights
  • Generates clips based on keyword prompts
  • Requires no editing experience

You can repurpose your existing long-form content into snackable social media videos or offer clipping services to others. Opus Clip enables anyone to tap into the marketing potential of short-form content without manual editing or production costs.


Free version available. Paid plans start at $16/month.

Availability: Available globally. Integrates with popular platforms like YouTube, Vimeo etc.

3. AI Writing Assistant – ChatGPT Writer

Chat GPT- Right Decisions

Despite AI’s rapid progress, using chatbots like ChatGPT for mundane tasks can still be tedious. ChatGPT Writer makes the process seamless by integrating ChatGPT into a handy Chrome extension.

With ChatGPT Writer, you can instantly offload writing tasks without copying prompts or answers back and forth. Simply highlight text on a web page and the AI will generate rewritten content for you in a pop-up panel.


  • Streamlines using ChatGPT for writing
  • Rewrites highlighted text on command
  • Saves time vs manual prompt engineering

This writing assistant can help you respond to emails, draft posts, rewrite content and more in a fraction of the usual time. The sheer effort and time savings unlock new opportunities to leverage AI.

Pricing: Free version available. Premium plan costs $10/month.

Availability: Browser extension available globally for Chrome.

4. AI Customer Support – Tidio

Tidio -Right Decisions

Delivering quick, accurate customer support is crucial for business growth. But staffing and maintaining support teams is expensive. This is where AI-powered chatbots like Tidio come in.

Key features:

  • Answers common questions instantly 24/7
  • Integrates with your support workflows
  • Analyzes dialogs to improve over time
  • Provides feedback for better service

By automatically handling common queries, Tidio’s AI bot Lero allows human agents to focus on complex issues. This results in faster resolutions, lower costs and happier customers.

You can use Tidio to enhance support for your own business or provide virtual assistant services to others. Either way, it streamlines operations and boosts satisfaction.


Free version available. Paid plans start at $15/month.

Availability: Globally available. Integrates with popular platforms.

5. AI Document Analysis – DocuAsk

DocuAsk- Right Decisions

Trying to extract key insights from lengthy documents, research papers, contracts etc. can be extremely laborious and time-consuming.

DocuAsk makes the process lightning fast by letting you ask questions about documents and receiving summarized answers instantly.

Key features:

  • Upload documents of any length
  • Ask questions in natural language
  • Get summarized answers quickly
  • Pinpoint critical details rapidly

Whether you need to analyze legal agreements, study research papers or review business proposals, DocuAsk can help find vital information in a fraction of the usual reading time.

Pricing: Currently in invite-only beta. Expected to be free initially.

Availability: Access by invite only for now. Expected to launch publicly in 2024.

6. AI Assistant – Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot- Right Decisions

Microsoft Copilot is one of the most advanced AI assistant tools available today. It integrates with popular Microsoft programs to help you accomplish everyday tasks faster.

Key capabilities:

  • Write emails, documents, code etc.
  • Generate reports, presentations
  • Analyze data, optimize spreadsheets
  • Schedule meetings, take notes
  • Automate workflows across programs

Copilot serves as a versatile AI-powered co-pilot that can support you in Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel and other apps. It saves you time on mundane tasks so you can focus on high-value priorities.

Pricing: Currently in limited technical preview. Expected to launch under Microsoft 365 license.

Availability: Preview access by invite for developers. Full launch expected in 2024.

Just a Quick Fact for you , Future is all about Internet of Things (IoT).

7. AI Content Generation – Adobe Photoshop Camera

Photoshop Camera- Right Decisions

Adobe Photoshop Camera isn’t your average photo editing app. Powered by Adobe’s Sensei AI, it lets you create visual content that would be incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to produce manually.

Key features:

  • Generate realistic images from text prompts
  • Edit objects in photos smoothly
  • Turn sketches into photorealistic images
  • Apply artistic filters powered by AI
  • Share creations on social media instantly

Photoshop Camera puts professional-grade generative AI for visual content creation in your pocket. The creative possibilities are endless.

Pricing: Free app with Premium features available as in-app purchases.

Availability: Available on iOS and Android devices.

Comparison of AI Tools

ToolKey Features and BenefitsPricingAvailability


– Builds functional websites in minutes with no coding or design experience
– SEO optimization and ecommerce capabilities built-in
– Saves time and cost of hiring developers
– Customize designs or recreate sites easily
– Free plan available
– Paid plans from $9/month
Available globally


– AI generates complete websites from prompts 
– Add custom content easily 
– Experiment with designs rapidly 
– Scale your web design business
– Free trial 
– Paid plans from $12/month
Available globally

Opus Clip

– Automatically creates short videos from long form content 
– Identifies best parts to showcase 
– Enables viral marketing without production costs 
– Monetize existing content easily
– Free version 
– Paid plans from $16/month
Globally available, integrates with YouTube, Vimeo etc.

ChatGPT Writer

– Integrates ChatGPT seamlessly into any web page 
– Rewrites highlighted text with AI instantly 
– Eliminates tedious prompt engineering 
– Saves hours of time for writing tasks
– Free version 
 – Premium plan $10/month
Browser extension available globally for Chrome


– 24/7 AI chatbot for instant customer support 
– Seamlessly integrates with human agents 
– Improves query response and resolution times 
– Lowers support costs significantly
– Free version
– Paid plans from $15/month
Globally available, integrates widely


– Upload any document and ask questions 
– Get summarized answers quickly 
– Pinpoint key details rapidly without reading everything
– Fantastic for analyzing contracts, research papers etc.
– Currently invite-only beta
– Expected to be free initially
Access by invite only for now, expected public launch in 2023

Microsoft Copilot

– Acts as an AI assistant across Microsoft apps 
– Writes emails, documents, code and more 
– Creates reports, presentations, workflows 
– Saves time on daily tasks so you can focus on high-value work
– Limited preview currently 
– Expected under Microsoft 365 license
Preview access by invite for developers currently, full launch expected in 2023

Adobe Photoshop Camera

– Generate realistic images from text prompts 
– Seamlessly edit objects in photos 
– Turn sketches into photorealistic images 
– Apply AI artistic filters 
– Share instantly on social media
– Free app
– Premium features via in-app purchases
Available globally on iOS and Android devices

Leverage AI Tools to Enhance Your Work and Income

The AI revolution is well underway and these powerful technologies are maturing rapidly. Companies worldwide are incorporating AI to maximize efficiency, creativity and growth.

As an entrepreneur, creator or professional, you have an amazing opportunity to realize significant benefits by intelligently integrating the right AI tools into your workflows today. They can help you save time, reduce costs, create compelling content at scale, delight customers and ultimately, increase your income.

With solutions like rapid website builders, content creation assistance, customer support bots and more, AI enables those with big ideas but little experience to make them a reality. These tools abstract away the need for specialized skills, training and manual effort for many tasks.

The time is now to familiarize yourself with the state-of-the-art AI solutions in your domain and start utilizing them for competitive advantage. Additionally, identify opportunities to provide AI-enhanced services to others based on these technologies. With the right strategy, AI can take your career or business to new heights over the coming years.

The future is AI-powered. Are you ready to ride this wave to success?

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